The Millenium Festival unveils its 4th edition

Its schedule of documentaries focuses on the youth, society debates and new media.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Millenium Festival will take place in Brussels starting April 17, 2012. More than 50 films will be presented with previews, whether at a Belgian or an international level, including 15 films in competition. An international jury chaired by director Stefano Savona and a public jury will award the six prizes at stake. During the Festival conferences, workshops will also take place as well as a two days event dedicated to web documentaries.

The Millenium Festival is a unique international event in Brussels, the great meeting point of documentaries lovers. It is a multicultural meeting place where filmmakers come from around the world. There will also be cinema professionals and an engaged public, gathered around a program that calls on humanity issues.

This fourth edition gives a special place for youth and the increasing global challenges it faces. We will discover young people from the five continents that will question and take positions regarding major changes in society. As a background, the urgent sense to rethink the Millennium Goals in order to support sustainable development.

The 2012 Jury will be chaired by the Italian director Stefano Savona, whose documentary films have won awards in several major international festivals. We are looking for members of the public jury, which will be composed of 30 volunteers.

Dates: April 17 to May 5, 2012.

Places: Vendome, Flagey, CIVA and Senghor cinemas.

"We are increasingly facing universal issues, and what matters is to give everyone an opportunity to understand how the others react: what are their cultural motivations that exist through their behavior. To know the other has been the key word of the festival since its beginning." Zlatina Rousseva, Artistic Director of the festival
"In honor of this fourth edition, unique stories will inspire us, move us, both strong and fragile characters in search of identity will be revealed; they simply want to fight for a better future. Through their incredible destinies, we will think together on what should be the future Millennium Goals." Lubomir Georgiev, President of the festival
About Millenium Film Festival

Le Festival Millenium défend le cinéma documentaire indépendant par la diffusion de films sélectionnés pour leur confrontation créative, sensible et authentique aux enjeux fondamentaux du millénaire définis par les Nations Unies en 2000.

Millenium Festival defends independent documentary cinema by selecting films with genuine stories that reflect upon the Millennium Goals as defined by the United Nations; in a creative, sensible and authentic manner.